fullybaked | davebaker

I'm a developer living in the UK and when I'm not spending time with my wife and our 2 wonderful little boys, I love hacking around with code

I'm passionate about technology, web development, gaming and fencing


My name is Dave Baker. I'm a husband, father and software developer living in the UK's south west. I am passionate about the web and I love testing out new technology to see how it could become part of the projects I'm working on.

Although I am in full time employment, I'm also available as a part-time consultant see here for more details


Everything written here is made available free of charge and most code examples will be (or eventually be) hosted on my Github account. All my code is available under the MIT license unless otherwise noted and it will be explicit if something belongs to someone else, or is licenced differently


Generally this is a place for me to post ideas and thoughts about coding and to pin up useful tips, tricks or processes that I would otherwise have to go looking for everytime I need them. Initially, a lot of the posts here started out life as text files on my laptop, but I thought about dusting them off and sharing them in this format incase they prove useful to anyone else