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26 February 2013

Faith in humanity renewed

One of the occasional non-technical posts I'm going to throw on here. On Saturday I had my faith in humanity renewed, or at least a gentle reminder that there are decent people out there.

It's just a little thing. I took my boys to the park and my eldest (who's 2 and a half) took one of his current favourite toys (a penguin that for some reason he's taken to calling Daisy). Only when we returned home did we realise that we no longer had Daisy with us.

Leaving the boys with their grandparents who had joined us on the outing, I jogged back along our route looking for the toy, stopping in at shops to ask if anyone had handed it in. Upon leaving one shop I saw a chap sat in his car by the pavement, with the penguin.

He had seen me running around and in his words recognised “the frantic father”, having been in a similar situation himself. This chap had taken it on himself to drive around the streets looking for me having found the toy and realised the significance.

I doubt that he will ever read this post, the chances are infinitesimally small, but that one act made me a very relived father and my son a very happy little boy.