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22 November 2012

Stop iTunes Dishing Out Your Voice Memos

I share my iTunes library with a couple of friends at work, and today one of them pointed out that my Voice Memos from my iPhone were publicly available.

While there is nothing particularly worrying about this for me (they're all of my son's first laughter), it did highlight a possible issue if I ever decide to record anything else.

So a quick search on Google and I found a pretty dated post on MacWorld, but one with perfect valid advice. I've reposted here as the latest version of iTunes is slightly different.

  1. Add a new 'Smart Playlist'
  2. Set the conditions to 'Media Kind - isn't - Voice Memo'
  3. Go into the Sharing tab in iTunes preference pane
  4. Set Share Selected Playlist
  5. Select the playlist you just created.